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Thuraya XT Lite

Dual GSM and satellite The Thuraya XT-LITE offers a reliable satellite connection and is designed for users who need to be connected securely, without endangering a clear and uninterrupted...


Thuraya X5-Touch

Thuraya X5-Touch The first satellite phone with Android operating system and full touch screen full HD Android operating system It allows you to download any application from Google...

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Thuraya XT PRO Dual

The Thuraya XT PRODUAL is the world's first Dual SIM dual-SIM phone, which closes the gap between satellite and GSM communications. By using a satellite and a GSM SIM card, you can keep calling...


Thuraya XT PRO

Designed for professional users, Thuraya XT-PRO is the most advanced satellite phone in the world, built in a solid way and equipped with a long-lasting battery, ensuring connectivity wherever you...


Thuraya SeaStar

Thuraya SeaStar Unrivaled functionality now within reach Size Base Terminal (L x W x H): 210 × 205 × 85 mm. Antenna (D x H): 164 × 170 mm. Weight Base...


Thuraya SatSleeve +

The fastest way to transform your mobile into a satellite phone If you think you know what your phone can do, think again. Your phone can become a satellite phone, to keep you safe and in touch...


Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot

If you think you know what your smartphone can do, think again. Your smartphone becomes a satellite phone, to keep you safe and in touch with the most important people in your life.The SatSleeve...