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Thuraya XT PRO

Designed for professional users, Thuraya XT-PRO is the most advanced satellite phone in the world, built in a solid way and equipped with a long-lasting battery, ensuring connectivity wherever you...


Thuraya XT Lite

Dual GSM and satellite The Thuraya XT-LITE offers a reliable satellite connection and is designed for users who need to be connected securely, without endangering a clear and uninterrupted...


Thuraya X5-Touch

Thuraya X5-Touch The first satellite phone with Android operating system and full touch screen full HD Android operating system It allows you to download any application from Google...


Thuraya XT PRO Dual

The Thuraya XT PRODUAL is the world's first Dual SIM dual-SIM phone, which closes the gap between satellite and GSM communications. By using a satellite and a GSM SIM card, you can keep calling...


Rent Thuraya X5-Touch

If you want another date, see HERE Frequent questions The THURAYA X5-TOUCH is the first of its generation with Android operating system, as it incorporates DUAL SIM to have mobile and...


Thuraya SeaStar

Thuraya SeaStar Unrivaled functionality now within reach Size Base Terminal (L x W x H): 210 × 205 × 85 mm. Antenna (D x H): 164 × 170 mm. Weight Base...


Thuraya Nova SIM card

Call rates SERVICES    Within the NOVA zone       Outside the NOVA zone    Validity 1 year 1 year Credit 10 units 10 units Voice calls to Thuraya per minute 0,85 units...


Recharges Thuraya Nova

How do I recharge my Thuraya? The recharge can be done in several ways: Dial *150*, reload code # and press Send/Call (recommended), totally free service and also in GSM (depends on the...


Thuraya Car Charger

The 12V car charger simply plugs into your vehicle's cigarette lighter in the cigarette lighter socket or cigarette lighter, charges your phone using this accessory.

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