Plans for Iridium Phones

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Here you can get your SIM card for the first time for your BGAN device with the minutes you want.

SIM cards BGAN

You can choose when we activate your air time for your Inmarsat BGAN, simply indicate it below on the activation date, and click on Save.

If you did not previously buy your SIM card, do it now, BGAN SIM cards are free, you will only pay the minutes.

If on the other hand you already have a SIM card and what you need is a simple recharge, click here.

Prepaid plans for BGAN:

50 90 145,20 €
500 180 490,05 €
1.000 365 974,05 €
2.500 365   2.370,39 €  
5.000 365 4.737,15 €

If on the other hand you already have a SIM card, click here.

Service fees:

IP background by MB Calls to landlines Calls to mobile phones SMS
9.1 units 1 unit 1.2 units 0.5 units
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