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How to activate or recharge an Iridium, Inmarsat or Thuraya SIM card

The Thuraya Standard recharge comprises from 20 to 160 units.

When you make the purchase, we will send you by email a pin number that you must enter in the phone to apply the recharge.

How do I recharge my Thuraya?

The recharge can be done in several ways:

  1. Dial *150*, recharge code # and press Send/Call (recommended), totally free service and also in GSM (depends on the operator).
  2. Call 150 and follow the operator's instructions (English, French).
  3. Dial 160 + recharge code and dial.
  4. Send a message with the format #recharge code# to number 150 (satellite mode).

Thuraya Standard recharges

   UNITS       MINUTES       VALIDITY       PRICE   
20 units 13 minutes 13 days 42,35 €
50 units 33 minutes 33 days 87,12 €
160 units 107 minutes 107 days 216,59 €

Call rates

Voice calls to Thuraya per minute 1 unit
Voice calls to band 1 per minute    1,50 units   
Voice calls to band 2 per minute 5 units
   Voice calls to capture everything per minute    8 units
SMS 0,5 units
GmPRS per MB 39 units

Billable minimum increment = 1 minute increments.

Countries of Zone E

The countries of Zone E are those that fall within the previously detailed rates. Out of these, the cost will be higher.


Terms and conditions

The first call must be made within the first 6 months, since the SIM is deactivated if the first call is not made within 180 days after the activation date.

This Thuraya plan is valid for 1 year from the first call.

Upon expiration, the account balance is reset to zero and the account enters the 90-day grace period (incoming calls are still possible).

If the account is not refilled within the grace period, it will be deactivated and the number will be lost.

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