Thuraya Nova SIM card

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How to activate or recharge an Iridium, Inmarsat or Thuraya SIM card

The prepaid SIM card Thuraya Nova of 10 units has a validity of 1 year, from April 1, 2019.

Indicate below the activation date and the time with the day in which you want the recharge to be effective and click on Save.

Call rates

SERVICES    Within the NOVA zone       Outside the NOVA zone   
Validity 1 year 1 year
Credit 10 units 10 units
Voice calls to Thuraya per minute 0,85 units 1,25 units
Voice calls to band 1 per minute 0,90 units 1,85 units
Voice calls to band 2 per minute 5,09 units 6,02 units
   Voice calls to capture everything per minute    8,10 units 9,65 units
SMS 0,35 units 0,35 units
GmPRS per MB 3,50 units 3,50 units


Terms and Conditions

The first call must be made within 6 months, otherwise the SIM will be deactivated if the first call is not made within 365 days after the activation date.

The Thuraya NOVA SIM card has an initial validity of 1 year from the first call.

If the account is recharged within the grace period, the existing balance will be restored. If the account is not refilled within the grace period, it will be deactivated and the number will be lost. If you want to renew the card, the recharge will be of 39 units obligatorily.


Countries of Zone E

The countries of Zone E are those that fall within the previously detailed rates. Out of these, the cost will be higher.

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