Gran Trail Aneto-Posets 2018

Gran Trail Aneto-Posets 2018

SIR, a security and tracking platform

In the world of competitions, safety is one of the most important things, since they are carried out in places that are not very accessible and with a high risk of accidents. At GlobalPlus we have developed a comprehensive tracking and security solution for competitions, allowing organizers to respond immediately if any participant deviates from the route or has an accident. Our purpose is to provide an accessible security and tracking alternative, making use of SPOT GEN3 devices together with a personalized and intuitive platform for the control of competitions. 2017 has been a great year and our tracking service has been very well accepted. That is why we have decided to improve it even more.

What is SIR?

We offer a personalized service, which not only allows our clients to monitor their competitions, but also has a backup of security for each of its participants. Our platform adapts to any type of competition, whether terrestrial, air or sea. Wherever you need there we will be, every step of the way with our clients offering the widest coverage in every corner of the world. #Wherever #Whenever

You can find more information about the SIR platform at

Grand Trail Aneto Posets 2018

In the annual Grand Trail Aneto-Posets 2018 race, which took place from July 20 to 22, thousands of people from different countries participated. It is a very famous race in which they used the SIR Platform, a security and tracking system that helped both them and the organizers to follow live the course of the race and to avoid any kind of problem or accident.

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