Live the Camino de Santiago with all the security of The Globalplus

Millions of pilgrims in recent centuries have traveled the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. Over time, the forms and motivations of this pilgrimage, previously exclusively on foot and always driven by religious faith, have changed a lot. Today the Camino is a World Heritage Site for anyone who wants to enjoy it. That's why we want to share some tips to consider before living this wonderful experience.

The Camino de Santiago involves a certain physical and mental challenge, mainly requiring the pilgrim to walk several tens of kilometers on consecutive days. This does not mean that if we are not in direct form we should forget to do it, but nevertheless we have to carry out a previous planning of at least two months in advance to start preparing our body.

How to take care of ourselves while we walk the Camino de Santiago?

During your tour on the Camino de Santiago, security is one of the most fundamental elements. Our intention is to become your companion during the journey, as an accessible alternative to follow up with our Integrated SIR Tracking System which is made up of Spot Gen3 devices, an own and personalized platform capable of guaranteeing an intuitive and quality service.

Some of the benefits offered by our SIR packages are:

  • Sending position every 10 minutes.
  • S.O.S. button
  • Push button operation for step control.
  • Reports via SMS and Email.
  • Long duration battery

The most important thing about the Camino de Santiago is not to reach Santiago de Compostela by all means, but that our journey for days or weeks (in some cases even months) is a memorable experience and the Communication Without Borders that guarantees GlobalPlus + can help you in that.

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