Love knows no borders, communication does not

Some days we wake up with a feeling of searching, as if we needed someone or something to make sense of our life, just like Wilmaris and José did. They are two adventurers from different countries who found true love in the heights of the Latin American mountains and who share their history with us today.

From the age of 16, Wilma (as they call her at home) has always been passionate about nature, discovering that at the top the true peace she was looking for is achieved. When he managed to reach several goals in his native Venezuela, he decided to embark on new paths with the International Meeting of Mountaineering and Adventure Clubs in Mexico, knocking at his door. He gathered courage and, backpack in hand, made the decision to travel the world.

The small town of Amecameca, near the Federal District, was the meeting place of a group of mountaineering enthusiasts of different nationalities, where Jose was also, a Costa Rican with a deep love for the mountains. It was only a matter of time before Wilma and Jose crossed paths, although, laughing, they say that this first contact did not serve much more than to start a professional friendship, something cold and very distant. After reaching the summit of La Malinche Volcano, they returned to their respective countries, but still, they maintained contact.

Despite thousands of kilometers away, fate made them rediscover themselves, this time in Venezuelan lands. José fulfilled his dream of knowing Pico Bolívar, while Wilma was his local guide. Sign like those mountains that united you, your feelings were consolidated and when the farewell came again, this was a bit more bitter. The conversations stopped being friendly and, little by little, they became more personal and every day they missed each other more. They found refuge in the characters of a keyboard and in the endless video calls. Today, they appreciate the advantages offered by technology to eliminate the borders that separated them.

Jose and Wilma, two free souls who wanted to fly around the world, almost accidentally met; After more than eight months of talks, they gathered courage and decided to confess their feelings regardless of the sea that stood between them. With the desire to rediscover they managed to overcome all obstacles to be together. Soon after, the calendar welcomed the April 25, 2016, when a trip that started from Venezuela to Costa Rica, a distance of 1,924 km.

With a kiss and a hug that stopped the time for a second, José received Wilma to go to the summit of Cerro Chirripó and, just a week after seeing himself again, he made a proposal from the highest point of that country . Surrounded by mountains, skimming the clouds and with the sun as a witness, he received a "Yes I want".

Some months later another goal of this adventurous couple was consolidated; was born the fruit of much effort and dedication, the so-called "Mountains to be better", which brought together all the mountaineering enthusiasts who wanted to share techniques and experiences while ascending the peak of life.

Today we share this story with you to fill you with inspiration. The protagonists say that an adventurous spirit and the desire to achieve common dreams have united them. Since then, each month of April, Mexico receives them to remind them that love, like communication, has no borders.


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