Record achieved by Heriberto Santana from East to West

Within the original plans of the runner was to start the route with the Transpyrinea of ​​900 km and 130,000 cumulative height difference, but unfortunately the race was not carried out by Judicial Order. However, this was no obstacle for some enthusiastic participants who created the Transpyrinea OFF, an unorganized route, which took Banyuls as its starting point. Thus, they completed the GR-10 from coast to coast, making 45 km more, and Heriberto was one of them.

According to Santana tells us, nature also made his own. They were 12 days of inclement sun, supporting temperatures of up to 45 ° C in high mountain, plus a team to hills of between 12 to 13 kg; temporary in the heights, to almost 3.000 meters, where the rain, hail and even rays played against.

During the whole tour I only had one serious problem; One night after dinner, I threw up dinner and for safety I went to the nearest hotel to recover. I was in bed one day and the next day, already recovered, continue the journey, he said.

The tips of in Trail runner

If you want to follow the steps of Heriberto Santana, and tour the French Pyrenees, remember that it is very hard to trace. It is a terrain that has very technical ups and downs. To get an idea, a person can take between 42 to 55 days to cross this path. But if it is in your plans to compete in the Transpyrinea, the advice of our ambassador is to have previous experience in distances of 400 km to 700 km, and if you do not have it, it is better not to put your life at stake.

The physical preparation is fundamental, to be able to realize this sporting event. Heriberto was 6 months with very hard workouts, waking up at 3:00 in the morning, he even stayed active on weekends getting ready for 12 hours a day. But despite the ups and downs of the challenge, Heriberto finished his route with great satisfaction:

It has been a very rewarding experience; for me, the best race I've ever done and the race I've been most comfortable with.

In addition, he thanks all the people who supported him at all times, especially Globalplus, for allowing him to register the course with the Spot Gen3 and the platform of the Integrated SIR Tracking System.

On the other hand, he says he is preparing for a new goal to overcome 4,000 km.

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