The Motor Adventure Fair

The Motor Adventure Fair

This year we want to celebrate the Motor Adventure Fair, the only dedicated to Off-Road, offering our customers multiple discounts. The Fair will be held in Teruel, and will take place next June 15, 16 and 17, 2018. What are you waiting to go? We will wait for you!

At The Globalplus we are driven by the passion for adventure, that is why we are a company that provides solutions in communication and 100% satellite tracking. We are driven by the high commitment to provide excellent care to those who trust in our products or services, for us the tranquility and satisfaction of each one of our clients is fundamental.

Join the communication without borders!

Many of the most productive activities and adventure competitions take place in places and circumstances where conventional communications such as fixed and cellular telephony do not have adequate coverage, and the Internet is not available or is not reliable, that is when The Globalplus comes into action, responding to the varied needs of our users, we use multiple and varied technologies, according to each specific need, offering: satellite services of voice transmission, data and text messaging, location and monitoring services, email and file transfer, network integration and more.

Our presence in Spain is the result of extensive experience in Venezuela, where we have among our clients the main companies and organizations in the following sectors: Technology, Security, Risk Management, Government, Oil and Gas, Mining, Electric, Maritime , Tourism, Health, among others.

You can see our items on offer here.

Doubts? At The Globalplus we want to listen to you:


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