Xuankar World Trip

The first part of the trip will be destined to travel through Europe, starting from Barcelona on a Ferry to Italy, where I will return to Croatia. From there I will go down the Adriatic coast through Sarajevo, Montenegro and Albania to Greece. I will visit Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania, where I will shoot for the Transfagarasan. I will cross Ukraine to finally enter Russia.

Here I consider that the second stage of the trip begins. I will cross Russia starting in Moscow and ending in Vladivostok, passing previously through Kazakhstan and Mongolia. In Vladivostok I will board the motorcycle for Alaska and while I will be backpacking in Japan.

Once I am in Alaska, I will begin to descend through the American continent: Canada, USA. and Mexico. In the United States I will make an important technical stop in San Francisco to take advantage of the hospitality of my brother and his family who reside there.

From Mexico I will continue through the following countries of Central America: Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costarica and Panama. I will cross Daren's stop to enter South America through Colombia and travel through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina to reach Ushuaia, "the southernmost city in the world", in Tierra de Fuego, and then go up to Buenos Aires where I will decide If I continue to Africa or return home to recharge batteries.

I estimate that it will take about 12 months to carry out this project, although it is not something easy to specify, because it will depend a lot on the circumstances and unforeseen events that arise along the way.

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