At The Globalplus we distribute communication equipment via satellite of the brands Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya, Globalstar and Spot, which offer voice, messaging, tracking, S.O.S. and much more.

We know that choosing a team that meets all your needs can be difficult, that's why we created this purchase guide that can help you. You can also contact us directly through our interactive web chat or call us at +34 854 702 588.

Satellite Phones

At The Globalplus we sell communication equipment to cover any need our customers have, with features such as voice, messaging, tracking, S.O.S. and many more. Choosing a terminal can be complicated because, depending on the brand, its service coverage and terminal functions vary. Read more...

Personal tracker

The tracking devices are equipment that allows us to send our GPS location to family and friends from almost anywhere in the world. You can also send the update of your status through a message, since these devices have an S.O.S. that will allow you to send an alert in case your life is in danger.

Some of our trackers also offer the GEOS service, emergency response through the GEOS Rescue Coordination Center. Read more...

Asset tracker

Satellite trackers allow you to keep track of your most precious assets, such as boats, cars, motorcycles and machinery, among others.

Our tracking devices can be used anywhere in the world. They collect GPS location information and other user-specific information that is then transmitted through the satellites. This data can be seen almost in real time on a mobile or computer through a secure login. Read more...

Satellite Internet

The Globalplus offers satellite terminals that provide internet, allowing you to send emails, transfer files, surf the web and broadcast live videos. Read more...

Rental of satellite devices

The Globalplus offers tracking devices and satellite phones for rent, so you can stay connected anywhere in the world. Rental Plus is a solution for when you need a satellite device in periods of short times and the option to buy is not viable. See more

Airtime services

Satellite phones need to activate a prepaid or postpaid service for operation. The Globaplus has its Plans and Recharges Plus service, where you can choose between different options and buy the one that best suits you.

All companies have 2 options for contracting service, prepaid and postpaid. Read more...