The products purchased in GLOBALPLUS will be sent to Peninsular Spain, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Portugal and the European Union. In the shipments to the Community of Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla the client will have to assume the customs expenses generated.

Picked up at the store

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Home delivery

We send your order to the address you indicate. We will send you an email where you can track your shipment. If you want to change the time slot (morning or afternoon) or the day of delivery, you can do it directly by calling the number of the messaging that we show you.

Delivery times:

  • Peninsula Spain: 24-48 hours.
  • Canary Islands: 4-5 days.
  • Balearic Islands: 48-72 hours.
  • Ceuta and Melilla: 24-72 hours.
  • Portugal: 24-96 hours.
  • European Union: 24-96 hours.
  • Outside the European Union: 5-10 days.

For your safety, the courier will only deliver the order by hand, to the owner of the same and to the agreed delivery address. To do this, identification will be requested, showing NIF / DNI. It is preferable to indicate as the delivery address, an address in which it is usually found.

GLOBALPLUS does everything possible to respect the delivery terms mentioned in the portal. However, GLOBALPLUS is not responsible for the consequences due to a delay of delivery or a loss of the package by yourself or for reasons or unforeseen or insurmountable causes of a force majeure.

In case you did not receive a package within the indicated period, an investigation will be carried out together with the carrier that could last several days. During this period, no return or refund of the order can be made.

We advise you that upon receiving your package verify that everything is in accordance with your order and in perfect condition. If you detect any anomaly caused by the handling during your shipment, sign and indicate it by hand on the delivery note (in case of home delivery, or in the Receipt in case of collection in store). However you have a period of 48 hours to tell us on the telephone +34 854 702 588 the incidence you have.

Shipping costs

In the case of home delivery, the shipping cost is:

  • Spain Peninsula: € 4.90 VAT included.
  • Canary Islands: € 21.20 VAT included.
  • Balearic Islands: € 18.10 VAT included.
  • Ceuta and Melilla: € 47.90 VAT included.
  • Portugal: € 8.50 VAT included.
  • European Union: € 15.00 VAT included.
  • Outside the European Union: € 25.00 VAT included.

GLOBALPLUS reserves the right to charge shipping costs in situations of re-dispatch of orders, for reasons beyond GLOBALPLUS and courier service. Expenses incurred as a result of redirection will not be reimbursed if the client subsequently exercised his right to return the product.

In situations of redirection of orders, for reasons beyond GLOBALPLUS and courier service, the impossibility of delivery, will be understood as withdrawal of contract, although the costs incurred by the re-dispatch will be borne by the customer.

Plans and recharges

In the event that the customer makes the purchase of a SIM card with or without recharge, the shipping cost will be applied, since the card has to be sent like the rest of the products in our store. If the customer makes the purchase of a recharge for a SIM that he had previously, no charge will be applied to the shipping costs, they will be free, since the recharges are made digitally and are effective in the course of 2 hours approximately.

Therefore, we ask our customers to choose the product well when making the purchase. Choose "Recharges" if it is a simple recharge, properly speaking, and "Prepaid", if it is the purchase of the SIM Card with or without recharge.