The Globalplus offers you the following payment methods:

  1. Payment in store: Only in the case of orders with store collection, you can make the payment directly in the store when you pick up your order, totally free.
  2. Credit card: 100% secure payment through the Redsys payment gateway.
  3. PayPal: it's easy, simple and secure.
  4. Bank transfer: It is essential that when the transfer or income is made the order number is indicated in the concept of the same. Otherwise, the procedure may be delayed.
  5. Cash on delivery: You can pay when you receive the product at your address. It will entail an expense of 3% on the total amount of your purchase, so that if your purchase has been € 100, for example, you will pay € 103 when you receive it.
  6. Finance your purchase: you can finance your purchase in a maximum of 12 installments.

1. Payment in store

If you wish to pick up your product, you can make the payment (in cash) in our office, located at Arquitectura 1, Torre 6, 11, 14, 41015, Sevilla, Spain.

2. Credit card

Our Redsys Virtual POS service is the leading payment platform in Spain that allows you to process online payments in our store with security.

The Redsys catwalk makes card payment online, a convenient and safe method, because:

  1. It is adapted to mobile devices (Smartphone, Tablets).
  2. Includes multi language.
  3. It has the 1-click payment, the perfect way to simplify the way to pay, without the need to type the card details, for regular customers.
  4. With different authentication options to guarantee the security of transactions.

3. PayPal

You can make the payment with your PayPal account. If you still do not know, we tell you its advantages:

  1. If you do not have an account yet, you can create it in seconds by associating your card.
  2. The payment process is optimized for mobile.
  3. Protection against fraud.
  4. It's easy: you just have to choose the product you want to buy, log in with your account, confirm the purchase and pay comfortably.
  5. Secure purchase: if you do not receive the product, the money will be refunded; if it arrives broken, it was not what you asked for or you have changed your mind, you can also recover your money and they will take care of the return expenses.

4. Bank transfer

In this case, you must transfer the purchase amount to our bank account.

How? When you are on the payment gateway and select the payment option of Payment by bank transfer, click on More information and you will be shown a window with all the data you need to make the transfer. Once the transfer is done, click on Buy.

You will receive our order confirmation by email with the order summary. The goods that you have purchased will be reserved for 5 days and once the transfer becomes effective, the order will be processed and sent, depending on the type of shipment selected.

Note: If 5 business days had elapsed since the client opted for the bank transfer as a means of payment and it had not been ordered, The Globlaplus will cancel the order, reserving the right to compensation for the damages caused. The order will not be considered effective until we confirm the corresponding income, and may have changed the purchase conditions on that date. At this time, the customer may choose to continue the purchase with the new conditions or cancel the order, at no cost to the customer. It is necessary that the client justifies the date in which he orders the transfer, sending The Globalplus an email to with the receipt, to maintain the conditions of purchase of the day in which the payment is made.

5. Cash on delivery

You pay when you receive the package. It will cost 3% of the total amount of your purchase.

6. Finance your purchase

With Payin7 you will have the perfect solution to buy without having to have the money at the moment:

  1. No paperwork: you only have to provide your ID and your phone number.
  2. Up to 12 installments: you can comfortably pay for your products divided up to 12 months.
  3. Up to € 1,500: you can finance up to € 1,500.
  4. Instant: you will receive all the information at once.