1. What happens if I change my mind?


According to the Law of Consumer Rights, you have the legal right to return products that are not of satisfactory quality, that are not suitable for the purpose or that does not match the description and obtain a full refund, as long as you do so within a certain period of time. maximum of 14 calendar days from receipt of the product. After these 14 days, you will not have the legal right to a full refund if your item has a defect.

If you wish to cancel the order, the fastest and easiest way to do it is to call our Customer Service team from Monday to Thursday, from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at 854 702 588, which will organize the cancellation immediately. Alternatively, you can send us an email to info@theglobalplus.com, indicating your desire to cancel and including your name, address, date of your order and the date you received your order and our customer service team will contact you to process your cancellation. Please keep the receipt, since the merchandise will be your responsibility until we receive it. If you return your purchase and the goods are damaged or have reduced their value because you have handled them unreasonably, we can recover the loss in the value of your payment or make a deduction for your refund (as applicable).

Prepaid and recharges

Please note that by requesting a top-up for your SIM card, you agree that we can begin to provide network services before the end of the cancellation period and that, in doing so, you lose the right to cancel your purchase of the top-up. However, you still retain the right to cancel the purchase of any associated prepaid device. If you have purchased a card and equipment, and discover that your equipment is defective or that the SIM is blocked by another provider, we can not offer you a refund for your time of use unless you have not yet requested activation of your SIM. It is your responsibility to verify that your equipment is fully functional and with the SIM card unlocked before buying us time of use and ask us to activate it. That is, in the case of a prepaid phone, only the terminal will be changed, no returns of the SIM card will be accepted.

2. What happens if my products do not work?

In the unlikely event that your products do not work, we will do our best to help you. We offer free technical support to all our customers for the total guarantee of your device. If you have any technical problems with your products, call our technical team at 854 702 588 or send an email to info@theglobalplus.com.

If after the call the technical team has not been able to solve the problem, and it remains within the 14 day return period, we will gladly provide an identical change or a refund, only valid for the equipment. If you are out of the period of 14 calendar days, we can not change your product or return the money; You will have to rely on the manufacturer's warranty to solve your problem. This service is subject to the manufacturer's warranty.


  1. We can not offer a free exchange or repair in case the defects are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty (for example, accidental damage and moisture damage). In most cases, accidental damage can be repaired, but there will be a charge for this, since accidental damage is not covered by the warranty; If you wish, we will gladly arrange a repair for you.
  2. The right to return defective products applies only to the products and will not entitle you to terminate your network contract (when applicable) with your network provider. When a refund is provided for prepaid devices, this will only be granted with respect to the price paid for the products and not for the time of use. You must keep your SIM card to use the air time purchased with the products.
  3. The goods must be returned with the original and intact packaging (with accessories, manuals, cables, etc.). Otherwise, we will reserve the right to refund the amount.
  4. The refund of the amount or change of the terminal will be made once verified that they meet the specified requirements, within an estimated period of 14 calendar days from your request.

If you opt for a return, GLOBALPLUS will refund the full payment received for the product, using the same means of payment used for the initial transaction.

If you decide to exchange for another product, we will send you the product you have requested through a return shipment, in which you must receive the new product and deliver the old one to the courier at the time of delivery. In case of not having availability, a sales representative will contact you to find the best option.

For used products, it will be necessary; present original purchase invoice and that the condition of the product, accessories and its packaging are in the same conditions as at the time of purchase.

If it is impossible to return the product due to loss, destruction or any other cause attributable to it, the customer will be liable for the market value that the service would have had at the time of exercise of the right of withdrawal, unless said value exceeds the price of the product. acquisition, in which case it will respond to it.

All data contained in a digital medium (memory card, hard disk ...) forwarded to GLOBALPLUS can not be recovered.

3. Warranty

GLOBALPLUS offers as guarantee a period of 14 calendar days in which the customer can return your purchase if the product shows any malfunction, both physical and operational, and without additional shipping costs. After these 14 days, the guarantee will already be covered by the brand.

Each brand offers different warranty conditions, so we recommend that you download it on the product page that purchased the PDF with the User's Manual.