Cobham Sailor Fleet One

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SAILOR Fleet One is a low-cost entry point in the world of maritime satellite communications, offering voice services and satellite data connection. With its compact and lightweight antenna and simple installation, they are ideal for use on smaller boats.


  • Data Rate: Up to 150 kbps
  • Service provider: Inmarsat
  • Size: upper deck unit: 291.9 x 275.6 mm, lower deck unit: 278 x 231 x 41 mm
  • Weight: upper deck unit: 3.9 kg, lower deck unit: 2.0 kg.
  • Voice Speed: Up to 4 kbps
  • Operating temperature: -25 to + 55 ° C
  • IP rating: IPX6 upper deck unit, IP30 lower deck unit
  • Use: Boats and vehicles

It includes:

  • SAILOR Fleet One Above Deck United (ADU)
  • SAILOR Fleet One Lower Deck Unit (BDU)
  • Thrane IP headset incl. cot, wired
  • SAILOR 10 m antenna cable
  • 1 m power cable (10-32 V DC input)
  • 83-141368 SAILOR Fleet One CD rom w. UIM, QG, IG
  • Quick guide printed
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