Inmarsat IsatPhone 2

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Frequent questions

The new generation of handheld satellite phones from Inmarsat will keep you connected in the most extreme and remote places.

It is a robust phone with unparalleled battery life and excellent voice quality. It is the reliability you expect from the leading provider in the world of mobile satellite communications.

Inmarsat IsatPhone 2

The IsatPhone 2 is a satellite phone with Bluetooth to use hands-free, with voice mail, text messages and email. The IsatPhone 2 is extremely easy to use; With easy connectivity and fast registration, you'll be ready to make a call in less than 45 seconds.

Main features of IsatPhone 2

Satellite voice capacity:

The IsatPhone 2 is extremely reliable with the I4 network that offers availability, longevity and coverage with high voice quality and the lowest call drop rates.


The IsatPhone 2 is extremely robust, with an IP rating of 65 and IK04 that offers resistance against shock, dust and water.


The high-contrast transflective "Gorilla Crystal" screen, specially designed for a combination of thinness, brightness and damage resistance, ensures that the screen is legible to sunlight and scratch-resistant.

Battery duration:

The IsatPhone 2 has one of the most powerful lithium-ion batteries on the market, offering exceptional durability of up to 160 hours of standby and 8 hours of talk time.


The new tracking service has a unique LED button that will send location information via a text message to a predetermined number or email address. The IsatPhone 2 can be programmed to send location information at set intervals.

SOS functions:

If you are in an emergency situation, you can press the Assistance button and a pre-defined text message will be sent by the user and their GPS location to an emergency number that you can program on the phone.


The IsatPhone 2 has an electronic compass with a built-in magnetometer that makes it faster and easier to access the Inmarsat network and is only displayed if the initial search of Inmarsat satellites fails.

Note that Inmarsat does not approve IsatPhone 2 for maritime use.


The phone comes with a Bluetooth connection that allows you to use your hands-free.

Design and functions of the device


What comes in the box

  1. Battery
  2. Network charger with 4 adapters
  3. 1-30 volt car charger
  4. Micro USB cable
  5. Hands-free headset with cable
  6. Quick start guide (8 languages)
  7. Guarantee documentation
  8. Support USB memory drive
  9. Sheath

Main features:

  1. SMS messaging capability and enhanced email up to 160 characters
  2. Incoming call alert when the antenna is saved
  3. GPS location data sent as text or email
  4. Help button (S.O.S.): In a critical situation, the help button allows you to quickly make a call to a recipient or send a text message alert or email to one or more recipients
  5. Integrated speaker
  6. Headsets and Bluetooth hands-free capability
  7. Call history contains calls received, missed and dialed

Technical specifications:

  1. Size: 169 x 75 x 29 mm
  2. Weight: 318 gr
  3. Display: High contrast color screen
  4. Battery: Lithium ion, 3.7 volts, 8 hours of talk and 160 hours of rest
  5. Interfaces: Micro USB, audio connector, antenna port, Bluetooth 2.0
  6. Protection: IK04 and IP65
  7. Temperature range: -20 ° C to 55 ° C
  8. Compatibility: up to Windows 7 (an additional device will be needed from then on)
  9. Languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish
  10. Data connection: low speed
  11. Resistance: Protection IK04 and IP65, resistant to dust, water and shock, vibration and extreme temperatures
  12. Global coverage
  13. SMS sending: Two-way SMS and ability to send short emails


Características principales:

  1. Capacidad de mensajería de SMS y correo electrónico mejorada hasta 160 caracteres
  2. Alerta de llamada entrante cuando la antena está guardada
  3. Datos de ubicación GPS enviados como un texto o correo electrónico
  4. Botón de asistencia (S.O.S.): en una situación crítica, el botón de asistencia te permite hacer una llamada rápidamente a un destinatario o enviar un mensaje de texto de alerta o correo electrónico a uno o más destinatarios
  5. Altavoz integrado
  6. Auriculares y capacidad de manos libres Bluetooth
  7. El historial de llamadas contiene las llamadas recibidas, perdidas y marcadas

Especificaciones técnicas:

  1. Tamaño169 x 75 x 29 mm
  2. Peso: 318 gr
  3. PantallaPantalla a color de alto contraste
  4. Batería: Iones de litio, 3.7 voltios, 8 horas de conversación y 160 h en reposo
  5. Interfaces: Micro USB, conector de audio, puerto de antena, Bluetooth 2.0
  6. Protección: IK04 y IP65
  7. Rango de temperatura: -20°C a 55°C
  8. Compatibilidadhasta Windows 7 (de ahí en adelante se necesitará un dispositivo adicional)
  9. Idiomas: árabe, chino, inglés, francés, japonés, portugués, ruso, español y turco
  10. Conexión de datos: baja velocidad
  11. Resistencia: Protección IK04 y IP65, resiste al polvo, al agua y a los golpes, vibraciones y temperaturas extremas
  12. Cobertura: Mundial
  13. Envío de SMS: SMS de dos vías y capacidad de envío de mensajes de correo electrónico cortos


Pre-payment plans for the Inmarsat IsatPhone 2:

   MINUTES / UNITS       VALIDITY (days)       COVERAGE        PRICE    
50 30 Global 75,02 €
100 90 Global 166,98 €
250 180 Global 348,48 €
500 365 Global 654,61 €
1000 365 Global 1.074,48 €
2500 365 Global 2.393,38 €
5000 365 Global 4.444,33 €

If you want to buy the card, in addition to the phone, you can find it here.

Frequent questions

Is the Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 worldwide covered?

Yes, Inmarsat is one of the companies offering global coverage, except in the polar ice caps, where there may be some difficulties and where a more accurate orientation of the antenna and a clear path to the satellite is required.

Can I send SMS and emails with the IsatPhone 2?

Yes, you can send and receive SMS and emails of up to 160 characters.

Can I use the IsatPhone 2 as a modem for the use of internet data?

Yes, the IsatPhone 2 is compatible with versions up to Windows 7 (32 bits). To use with Windows 8 and beyond, you must purchase additional equipment, such as the RedPort Optimizer.

Can I send my position coordinates to third parties from the IsatPhone 2?

Yes, the IsatPhone 2 has a built-in GPS, which allows you to know your position and send it via SMS or email. The terminal also has an advanced tracking function, which you can configure for a continuous tracking of the device, being able to choose between several time intervals.

Can I use it with my hands-free via Bluetooth?

Yes, you can connect hands-free devices via Bluetooth connection.

Can I send an alert in case of emergency with my position coordinates?

Yes, the IsatPhone 2 has a button S.O.S. Exclusive for emergency, which will send your position coordinates through an SMS to a pre-established mobile number and you can also make an automatic call.