Garmin GPSMAP 276Cx

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With map of leisure routes in Europe

The new GPSMAP 276Cx has been developed from the legendary GPSMAP 276C, which became famous for being the most versatile and powerful off-road navigator ever manufactured by Garmin.

The legend has returned

  1. Developed from the versatile GPSMAP 276C, and with the same fantastic customization capability
  2. With more sensors: GPS + GLONASS, altimeter and 3D compass
  3. Huge 5 "sunlight readable WVGA display
  4. Advanced navigation (optional): automotive mode, TTS voice prompts, winding roads, etc.
  5. Maximum connectivity via Bluetooth®, ANT + ® and WiFi®, so you never stop being connected
  6. Pre-installed map of leisure routes in Europe and one year free subscription to the BirdsEye satellite imagery service
  7. With more map options, including support for BlueChart® g2 and TOPO Map

At a Glance

If you want to enjoy Garmin navigation in all its splendor, the GPSMAP 276Cx is the ideal device. With this navigator, you will be able to move with the maximum precision outside the roads or by the water wherever you are. The new 276Cx adds a complete series of high-end navigation features that never limit the experience of the original 276. With a huge 5 "screen, advanced sensors such as GPS + GLONASS, barometric altimeter and three-axis compass, complete nautical and off-road functions, and excellent map compatibility, the new GPSMAP 276Cx is the best possible successor to this legendary range of products.

The true experience 276

The new GPSMAP 276Cx has been developed from the legendary GPSMAP 276C, which became famous for being the most versatile and powerful off-road navigator ever manufactured by Garmin. To ensure that the experience remains true to 276, Garmin has retained much of the user interface unchanged; Even the keyboard is exactly the same as its predecessor. 276 lovers will appreciate the enormous customization capability of their new browser, and they will be amazed with all the new features that have been added to the classic 276.

Advanced sensor technology

The sensor technology of the GPSMAP 276Cx has been thoroughly renewed. You now have GPS and GLONASS positioning functions that improve performance in the most challenging environments. And, if you want to enjoy optimal satellite tracking inside the vehicle, add an external antenna (not included) to the integrated MCX connector. To improve the knowledge of the situation, it also incorporates a barometric altimeter that allows you to obtain elevation readings and a 3-axis electronic compass that will allow you to correctly orient yourself in any situation, even when you are standing.

Optimized outdoor user interface

We know that being able to read the screen well during navigation is extremely important, and that is why the new GPSMAP 276Cx is equipped with a huge 5 "screen, which can be read without problems outdoors and with a rich color palette that improves visualization of the maps.In addition, its fantastic viewing angle allows you to see its contents with total clarity in different positions.This way, even if the navigator is installed in the cockpit or the dashboard, its fantastic clarity and its button interface allow it to be handled safely even in unstable environments, such as a boat or off-road vehicle.

Tough and durable

Thanks to a construction that perfectly meets Garmin's demanding standards, this device responds in virtually any situation. Its robust mounting system has been thoroughly tested, giving the device exceptional strength and a water resistance rating of up to IPX71. After more than 4 years of experience with the Montana®, we can offer solid supports that can be installed in virtually any vehicle or vessel. To enjoy even more freedom, the device's power supply is now more flexible: you can connect it to the vehicle or boat's power supply, or use the NiMH battery (which provides up to 17 hours of battery life) or 3 batteries AA (up to 9 hours of autonomy).

At a Glance

More maps and more memory

The GPSMAP 276Cx has compatible maps to take you to virtually anywhere you want to go. Its internal memory of 8 GB has a pre-installed world map and a map of leisure routes in Europe, and includes a year of free subscription to the BirdsEye satellite image service. It is also compatible with numerous optional maps, such as the BlueChart® g2 HD nautical charts, Garmin TOPO and TOPO PRO maps, City Navigator® NT, custom Garmin maps and BirdsEye Select raster maps. Also, a microSD ™ slot allows you to expand the memory to load additional maps.


More navigation

In combination with the appropriate maps, the GPSMAP 276Cx allows you to enjoy additional navigation functions, such as the well-known automotive mode for navigating on the streets or road routes with curves for motorcyclists that will allow you to discover less traveled and more interesting roads to travel in motorcycle. In combination with the TOPO PRO maps, the device can choose from several leisure route options to find the most appropriate road classes for each activity or vehicle. And, for those who prefer navigation with tracks and tracks, the new 276Cx also has an advanced track navigation function.

Advanced connection functions

The new GPSMAP 276Cx also has several advanced connection functions. The 276Cx can be connected to a Bluetooth headset to receive TTS indications directly on the helmet. Or, if you connect it to a smartphone2, you can receive data from Active Time3, such as weather forecasts and the display of an animated weather radar on the map screen, receive smart notifications such as emails, SMS or social media notifications, or Use LiveTrack, which allows you to share your exact location with your family and friends. The device can also be connected wirelessly via ANT + to external sensors such as tempe ™, which records the outside temperature, or can be connected to a Wi-Fi network to receive updates and synchronize your data with the Garmin Connect ™ database.

1Check the water resistance classification

2 When pairing with a compatible phone

3 Active time is available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria and Slovenia, with partial coverage in northern Italy.

Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance. The Bluetooth® brand and logo are owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and are used under license by Garmin.

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