SmartOne C

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The SmartOne C is a tracker that you can use to track objects, vehicles and boats, and thus improve the efficiency and safety of your assets.

Designed for the intelligent management of fixed and mobile assets, the SmartOne C is a practical solution for a multitude of options including:

  1. 12 different reporting times
  2. Interval or 24 hour operation mode.
  3. Alternative reporting schedule
  4. Low battery message

How does SmartOne C work?

The SmartOne C uses motion sensors, comparative GPS positioning and customized sensors configured to collect and transmit information such as movement and location reports, stop / start messages and theft recovery alerts using Globalstar's simplex regional satellite network. In addition to the position information, the SmartOne C transmits other types of messages that include the battery status, the status of the input alarm and the diagnostic information.

Each SmartOne C is configured to track the specific needs of its assets and provide intermediate and emergency alerts by email and / or text. The SmartOne C is configured by connecting it to a computer via a USB connection cable, offering a wide range of customizable configuration options, such as message frequency, movement sensitivity levels and geo-fencing capabilities.

Main features of SmartOne C:

Global coverage

With coverage in more than 120 countries around the world and many areas covered by the ocean, SmartOne can keep you in touch with friends and family in areas where mobile phones are not covered, even in the most remote areas of the world.

Standard messaging mode

In standard messaging mode, the SmartOne C reports your GPS position at regular time intervals that are programmed during the initial setup process. The message interval can be programmed in 1 minute intervals for 35 minutes up to 45 days and messages will be transmitted regardless of whether the asset is moving or stopped. Alternatively, the device can be configured to send messages only when the asset is in motion with messages transmitted every 5 minutes.

Reduced messaging mode

The Reduced Messaging Mode minimizes the cost of message transmission through the Globalstar satellite network by sending them with a minimum interval when the asset is parked or in a defined area and transmitting at a higher interval when the asset is moving or changing location.

Theft Recovery / Geo-fence Mode

The robbery recovery mode allows you to configure the device to differentiate between authorized and unauthorized movement of an asset. As long as the asset remains in an authorized state, SmartOne C will send infrequent messages. If the SmartOne C detects an unauthorized state, such as a movement outside a predefined area, it can be configured to send high frequency messages to allow unauthorized movement to be closely monitored.


Together with the SIR platform, the Globalplus online mapping portal, the SmartOne satellite asset tracker offers a geo-fencing feature. This allows you to predefine a set of geographic boundaries and receive alerts by email when the device enters or leaves the geographic fence area.

Resistant to dust and water

The SmartOne C satellite asset tracker is designed to withstand the most adverse weather conditions.

Customizable tracking

SmartOne C is an asset tracker that provides customizable and cost-effective monitoring of a wide variety of assets, such as cars, trucks, trailers, cargo containers, construction equipment, ships and any other mobile asset.

Portable and easy to install

Installs easily without the need for harnesses, antennas or external power.


The SmartOne C Tracker works through 4 AA 1.5V lithium batteries (included).

When using internal batteries, the SmartOne C is completely portable and can be easily moved from active to active and used covertly if necessary. There is also the possibility of making it work by connecting it to an external power supply, which will allow it to operate for up to 3 years.

REMEMBER: This device requires a viewing platform. Contact us to inform you about our SIR platform.

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