Reseller plus+

Become an official reseller of GlobalPlus+.

The GlobalPlus+ Resellers program is designed for businesses and companies in related sectors that are interested in providing satellite solutions to their customers, expanding their commercial offer to all.

What kind of plus + resellers can I be? 

There are two types of resellers GlobalPlus +:

  • Pick Up Points: These are strategic points that become collection points for our customers within their geographic area of ​​
  • Authorized Resellers: These are authorized agents who offer to their customers satellite products and services provided by GlobalPlus + at incredibly competitive prices.

 Who can apply to become a Reseller Plus+?

Any company or business with a clients that requires communication in remote areas. Do your clients carry out their activities in an area with little traditional communication? It is time to offer them satellite solutions.

What are the benefits of Reseller Plus +?

Our goal is to be able to take our products and services to more places in the world and while we do that, we look for partners who can grow and benefit with us

  • Highly competitive prices which will allow you to increase your profits
  • Express shipping
  • Top up service 24/7
  • Dropshipping (We send the products to your client)
  • Opportunities to attract new customers
  • Sales advice from experts
  • Fast and efficient technical support.
  • Different payment methods
  • Marketing resources

Hardware and services, we offer.

At Globalplus+ we offer a wide range of products and services, from satellite phones and data to messaging and tracking solutions in places where traditional mobile coverage does not reach. We are backed by leading satellite communication brands such as Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya, Globalstar and Spot.

How to join the Reseller Plus + program?

It is very easy and in 3 simple steps.

Or if you want, call us at +34 854 702 588 and tell us that you want to belong to our Resellers Plus+ program and we will guide you through the process.